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Why your content must answer WHY.

Anyone familiar with Simon Sinek would be well aware his best-selling business book and training programme “Start with WHY” that asks individuals and businesses to get to the core of their purpose in order to build and grow.

Content Marketing can take a leaf out of Sinek’s book. Your content can talk about WHAT you do all day long. This might appeal to people looking for a short-term solution with your product or service. You could even go a step deeper and talk about HOW you do what you do in through your content marketing. The HOW might particularly appeal to organisations with a product or service that people can use themselves.

Beyond WHAT and HOW Content

But although WHAT and HOW might appeal to people– after all content is all about education and/or entertainment, by using your content to explore the WHY of your business will generate long term relationships and lifelong customers who get your WHY and become your biggest fans. If you’re searching for WHY in your business and exploring it through your branding, marketing, advertising, sales and R&D, shouldn’t you also be sharing your WHY through your content marketing?

By articulating your why and incorporating it into your content marketing efforts, your audience will have a greater grasp of your business and demonstrate affinity towards you. Think about your industry. Thousands of people do exactly what you do, either around the corner or 2000 kilometres away – but your long-term customers come back for some reason and it’s not price.

WHY as part of your content

Articulating your WHY should form part of your content marketing campaign. It may not appear in every piece of content you create, but you should be able to weave your WHY into blog content, video content, or even use it as inspiration for your next Facebook or Instagram campaign that goes beyond your latest product images or cute kitten photos.

One of my favourite quotes form Simon Sinek is “People don’t buy from you because of what you sell. They buy from you because they believe the WHY.” Now I may have paraphrased Simon slightly there, however my point is this: Your Content platforms and social media pages are the PERFECT place to share your WHY. Why not start today?



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