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Why a great business card is great PR

Business Cards image by ESI was recently interviewed by Executive Style about business cards. You may ask yourself what link there is between business cards and someone concerned with PR, Content Marketing and Social Media! A great business card is a reflection of your business and, besides saying hello briefly at a networking event, your card is the first tangible interaction someone has with your business. Making a memorable introduction, with the assistance of a great business card, is great PR.


Here’s an excerpt from James Atkinson’s piece Business cards are still crucial in a digital age:

Samuel Spurr, founder of PR and marketing agency Inlumino Communications, says the ritual of exchanging business cards still plays an important role in his industry.

“Obviously with the advent of LinkedIn you can find out someone’s personal details before you meet them,” says Spurr.

“But when business cards come into their own is when you go to those face-to-face meetings. I think it speaks of being professional, identifying yourself as a company with a brand.

Samuel Spurr says the ritual of exchanging business cards plays an important role.

“Obviously, from the recipient’s point of view, they receive something physical and tangible that they can take away with them.”

If you want to learn more about the importance of business cards in the digital age, read the full story here.



Inlumino Communications is a PR, content marketing, and Social Media consultancy servicing SME clients from a variety of industries.