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Need content ideas? Answer Questions.

question markBlogging is one of the most popular Content Marketing mediums. Businesses may find that it’s great to start a blog, but after the excitement of the first few posts, many people who are responsible for creating good content struggle to identify topics to write about that will engage readers and be relevant to their business.

To fill your editorial calendar, I can highly recommend reading this. The fourth part of 4 Hacktivities That Will Help You Fill Your Blog Editorial Calendar  by Impact Branding and Design caught my eye tonight. In that section, Carly Stec notes that the best way to get ideas for content is to answer questions!

Answer Questions

Here’s an excerpt of Carly’s post:

To get started with this hacktivity, you’ll want to ask your team to make note of common questions being asked by prospects. What are their concerns? What are they looking to do for their business? What is holding them back?

Bringing this type of insight to a brainstorming session will make it easy for both departments to start conceptualizing blog topics that aim to provide solutions to their questions.

We suggest writing the questions up on the board to make it easier to visualize. From here, you can branch out from each initial question to define a series of related questions that align with your prospect’s problems.

XYZ Sock Company

I’ve previously used the idea of the XYZ Sock Company when explaining what Content Marketing is to the Tribe Side Networking group I belong to. With Carly’s summary above, I’d propose that the XYZ Sock Company would be generating content based on questions they might be regularly getting about socks such as:

  • What cotton is used?
  • What elastic is used?
  • What socks suit different activities?

These three questions would give a content marketer a great start to creating content. There are three blog posts just from those questions with many more than can be developed further by going a bit deeper : “Why cotton types make a difference”, “The Top 5 cotton sources for our socks”, “Egyptian cotton: Not just for bed linen!” are just three potential titles for blog posts! This is starting to make me wish I had a sock company as a client!

Great Content

In Summary – Creating great content is all about sharing your expertise on a subject and not going for the hard sell. Producing content that is informative and interesting to your target market will ensure your efforts aren’t in vain. Although not everyone will want to read about socks, there will be sock fanatics amongst us that do – and they will be looking for you and your content. So if you get stuck looking for blog ideas remember to answer questions.



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