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Content Marketing: integral to strategic communications

Content Marketing, Branded Journalism, Corporate Journalism. Content has come along way and, I think, has a long road in front of it. With more and more corporate entities identifying content as one aspect of a marketing or PR campaign, the rise of branded journalism will continue unabated. Many might decry the rise of corporate entities even thinking… View Article

1001 content ideas

Searching for meaning (and content) How often have you stared out the window looking for some content inspiration? It happens to me and I’m contantly creating content for clients and myself. But when writer’s block hits me I go for a quick walk and head outside to get the creative juices flowing. I’ve even come… View Article

Tips on securing a speaking role: A Content Marketing Case Study

Being appointed by current thought leaders and experts in your industry to take the stage at an industry conference is a pretty big deal and shows that you’re considered worthy enough to share your insights with a group of industry delegates who have paid good money to attend the conference. But how do you land… View Article

Not just SEO: Content Marketing for Service, Brand, and Development

How Content Marketing builds customer service, brand positioning, and business development. Content Marketing for customer service Regardless of your business type and size, customer service is obviously a key part of what you offer. Whether you’re selling apple pies or selling your accountancy skills, your customer service is a huge part of what will keep your… View Article

What’s your power pole? Don’t ignore traditional media outlets.

The Dorsal Fins are playing in Sydney!! I’ve never heard of this band. I probably won’t like their music. I definitely won’t be going to their concert. BUT I do know they’re playing in Sydney soon. How do I know this? Yesterday I was driving along Concord Road in Sydney to meet a prospective client…. View Article

Targeted Media Relations: More than a media release

You’ve got a great big news announcement and know you have to produce a media release. But do you? Yes, a release is a foundation document to kick-of any media relations project, but there is more to PR than a media release and a long media list. Sending a media release is a shotgun approach –… View Article

Drying Up? Keep your blog fresh with Evergreen Content

Don’t let your content marketing wither and die! What is Evergreen Content? Evergreen Content is content that can be read and will appeal to audiences at any time. Essentially, it is content that is relevant now and in the future. Like an evergreen tree, evergreen content is always there, and more importantly, will always be… View Article

Got Content? The role of Repurposing

So you’ve got your content calendar set-up, you’re starting to produce content, and have built up a strong bank of commentary, insights and industry information that you’re sharing regularly through social media. Now what? Continuing to curate and create new content that follows your strategy is the way to go, but repurposing your existing content is… View Article

Content Marketing: The importance of visuals

Visual media: crucial for any Content Marketing strategy. Last night I saw this image on Hootsuite’s Twitter feed: “Think before you Post” clearly (through visuals) calls on the reader to make sure a number of items are checked off before posting anything to social media. Most content marketing strategies should be using at least one (if not… View Article

Don’t let your business suffer from Ignored Blog Syndrome!

I’ve seen it too many times. Not as a content marketer but as a consumer. I go to a website of a brand or product I like, seeking new information and some insight into the company. The website is blinged-out, it looks sharp, there’s stuff popping up, eNewsletters you need to sign up to, a funky… View Article

Content Marketing tips from The E Myth Revisited

Like many other small business owners, I’ve recently been reading Michael E. Gerber’s The E Myth Revisited. I’m halfway through the book and it’s proving to be full of insight for a small business such as mine. A section of the book, Working On Your Business, Not In it outlines some rules to follow in… View Article

The Benefits of a Content Calendar

With the new year upon us, now is the perfect time to take a strategic approach to the content you want to create and share. All media organisations have a well-planned and thought out media calendar that guides their editorial for the months ahead. There’s no reason why an organisation producing their own content shouldn’t… View Article

Need content ideas? Answer Questions.

Blogging is one of the most popular Content Marketing mediums. Businesses may find that it’s great to start a blog, but after the excitement of the first few posts, many people who are responsible for creating good content struggle to identify topics to write about that will engage readers and be relevant to their business. To… View Article

Get Found: The Power of Great Content

This recent personal case study is the perfect example of how Content Marketing complements a wider media and communications strategy. Earlier in the year I took a call from a producer for LindaMottram’s ABC 702 Sydney radio show asking if I’d like to be interviewed on the show later that morning. I didn’t send a… View Article

5 reasons why you SHOULD CoSource your social media marketing

Ok, so “CoSource” is a word I’ve made up identify businesses who want to engage on social media, but know they can’t do it alone and want someone to co-manage their social media accounts. As opposed to outsourcing, CoSourcing is all about bringing in a professional for assistance AND taking an active role in learning… View Article

PR’s role in social media and content marketing

PR is often misunderstood by wider society as standing for ‘press release’ or fulfilling a media relations function. Yes, media engagement is an integral part of an agency’s services, but essentially Public Relations (PR) focuses on the ‘public’. Who those ‘publics’ are depends on the goals of a campaign. And yes, reaching identified publics through… View Article

What is Content Marketing?

‘Content Marketing’ as a concept is nothing new, but it is a buzzword being used more and more due to the rise of blogging and social media use by business. Content has always existed – the copy in a newsletter, flyer or other marketing collateral is content – but the continued rise of social media… View Article

Reflections on a year in business

I’m writing this blog post to reflect on my business thus far. Officially commencing in a full-time capacity in January 2013, I’m pretty close to closing the chapter on my first year in business as a sole trader. It has been tough, it has been exhilarating, it is has been stressful and it has been… View Article

How cigars can help your business

Ok, so cigars themselves won’t help your business – unless you work in a similar lifestyle sector, but my knowledge of content marketing, developed from publishing Australia’s first and longest running cigar blog, Inlumino Cigar News Australia, will. Yesterday I picked up Trevor Young’s microDOMINATION book. I follow Trevor on Twitter and had heard about… View Article