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Learn @ Lunch: Content Marketing and Social Media

On Wednesday, 13th of July, I’m hosting a Learn @ Lunch seminar in partenership with Ryde Business Forum. Click here to book your spot! I look forward to seeing you there.

Maximise your content marketing efforts

Don’t let your content creation efforts go to waste. Watch how re-purposing content can maximise your content marketing efforts. Cheers, Sam Inlumino Communications is a PR, content marketing, and Social Media consultancy servicing SME clients from a variety of industries.

The 1 thing your content marketing efforts should include

If you’re starting a content marketing campaign, or your calendar has come to a screeching halt, watch this quick video about how to get in the content groove.     Cheers, Sam Inlumino Communications is a PR, content marketing, and Social Media consultancy servicing SME clients from a variety of industries.  

Social Media is now Pay to Play

Earlier this year I posted about Facebook Page Posts getting little engagement and shared some tips about how to reach your audience. In “Help! My Facebook posts aren’t reaching anyone!” I shared 4 tips on how to improve your chances of reaching your audience: Reach your Audience! Make your posts timely and relevant Build credibility… View Article

5 tips to fire up your Instagram business account

By recently allowing multiple accounts, Instagram has made it easier than ever to use the platform for business purposes. Like giving your Facebook page’s editorial rights to your social media manager, or a staff member, the access to multiple Instagram accounts makes this social platform even easier to use by busy business owners. If you’re new… View Article

Help! My Facebook posts aren’t reaching anyone!

A recent article about Facebook content reach recently came up in my feed, shared from some social media colleagues based in Thailand. I shared it immediately, but thought it was well worth expanding on. Whenever I start working with new clients who are unfamiliar with Facebook and social media in general, I always discuss why… View Article

Google Alerts… and why I love them

Regardless of your role in your organisation, Google Alerts is a fantastic resource. From a communications perspective, they are GOLD! Why? Well if you’re not familiar with Google Alerts I’ll let you know. As the name suggests, Google Alerts is a Google service that allows you nominate key words which Google then uses to email… View Article

4 things to consider before starting a Content Marketing campaign

Considering a content marketing campaign? Read this first: If you’re considering starting a content marketing campaign, there are a range of questions you have to ask yourself. Setting up a blog is easy. Creating and curating content, sharing content across social media platforms, and boosting posts to reach a larger social audience  are the time/money… View Article

Sharing is Caring! Sharing a Facebook Page post when there is no Share button

Well it’s Monday  afternoon of the second week of January and already there’s been a issue in the Social Media world. If like me you’re logging into Facebook today as a page manager after a break away from social media over the holidays, you may have noticed that Facebook Pages aren’t currently able to share… View Article

Plan your 2016 Content Marketing and Social Media NOW

Energy levels are low, excitement for the summer break is high. I know the feeling, however these last weeks of December are crucial in order to start 2016 with a bang. Now is the time to review your content and social campaign from 2015 and plan for next year. Trust me, there’s no better feeling… View Article

Content Marketing: The benefits of Content Creation and Curation

If you’ve ever discussed content, the whole “Content Creation / Content Curation” topic has probably have come up in conversation. So what does content creation and curation mean? Content Creation Content creation is, as the name suggests, content created from scratch. It’s your content, it’s new, it’s fresh and it’s tailored exactly how you want… View Article

Social Media: Are you guilty of “Set and Forget”??

If you’re running a social media campaign, there is a strong likelihood that you are using a social media scheduling software such as HootSuite. I do. It’s a fantastic way of scheduling content AND monitoring AND interacting online. If you are just setting updates and forgetting about your platforms you are doing yourself a great… View Article

If you don’t publish it, Google cannot find it.

“If you don’t publish it, Google can’t find it.” I recently came across this quote and it instantly struck me as it pretty much sums up one key aspect of Content Marketing: Getting FOUND.  There are a number of reasons why content marketing is increasingly a sound marketing activity: It’s great for sharing content, demonstrates… View Article

The news that should dispel your Content Marketing doubts

Still unsure about Content Marketing and the impact it can make to your business? The announcement late last month that Australia’s biggest media monitoring company, Isentia, diversified into content marketing by buying King Content for $48 million is not something to scoff at and demonstrates the growing importance of content in the digital media landscape…. View Article

Tweets in Google search: Why your Twitter game must be strong.

I recently posted  9 Twitter tips for business beginners, an  introduction to Twitter for small business owners who may not have the time or energy to delve into Twitter like they have Facebook. A recent announcement from Google might make you sit up and pay more attention to Twitter though: Google has announced that real-time… View Article

4 questions to ask before starting a social media campaign

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. These are just some of the more widely used social media platforms available to SMEs to engage with their audience. The picture on the right sums up what many SMEs do wrong when they begin a social media and content strategy. One mistake many businesses make is creating profiles on… View Article

9 Twitter tips for business beginners

From all of the feedback I receive, Twitter is often the most misunderstood of all social media platforms. I find either people LOVE Twitter and are addicted to it, or hate it with a passion and would prefer to spend their time on Facebook. I am a fan of Twitter for personal use and business use… View Article

5 easy steps to great content creation

Did you know? Web pages that rank on page one of Google typically have 2,032 to 2,494 words. Companies with blogs typically receive 97% more leads than companies without blogs. Content rich sites tend to get more back links and social traffic, which helps them generate more traffic overall (via QuickSprout) I hope these stats… View Article

Ignored Blog Syndrome: 7 bad signs an ignored blog sends

I’ve previously commented on the nasty condition that exists known as Ignored Blog Syndrome. Ignoring your blog makes your business look lazy, uninterested and sloppy. Maintaining a blog is a bit like investing in a puppy for the family. If you’re going to do it, you have to make sure you have the time and… View Article

Content is King. Be the Top Dog

Content Marketing and Social Media are free right? Well kind of – the platforms themselves are free to use, however the time required to invest in creating compelling content and maximising social media to engage comes at a cost that many people don’t consider when starting a content and social campaign. I discussed Content Marketing… View Article