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Ignored Blog Syndrome: 7 bad signs an ignored blog sends

Inlumino Communications Remember to Blog Content MarketingI’ve previously commented on the nasty condition that exists known as Ignored Blog Syndrome. Ignoring your blog makes your business look lazy, uninterested and sloppy.

Maintaining a blog is a bit like investing in a puppy for the family. If you’re going to do it, you have to make sure you have the time and energy to feed it, train it, and take it for walks! If you don’t have the time or willingness to invest in your blog, it’s better not to even start.

I’ve seen it too many times.

Not as a content marketer but as a consumer. I go to a website of a brand or product I like, seeking new information and some insight into the company. The website is blinged-out, it looks sharp, there’s stuff popping up, eNewsletters you need to sign up to, a funky “About” page.

Then I click on the “blog” tab.

The last entry was in early 2011. The previous entry was in late 2009.

This isn’t looking good. The company has a flashy website, but to me, there’s no substance to it.

You’ve probably seen it too.

Does your website suffer from Ignored Blog Syndrome (IBS)?

A forgotten blog: The 7 Bad Signals It Sends To Your Customers

Just recently Content Marketing guru Jeff Bullas published a blog post by Jawad Khan which pretty much sums up why forgetting to blog is doing you and your business a disservice. Jawad has shared The 7 bad signals a forgotten blog sends to your customers. Here they are:

1. You don’t know enough about your industry

2. You’re not a professional company

3.  You don’t care about your customers

4. You have no success stories to share

5. You’re going out of business

6. You’re out of touch with the current trends

7. You have an ignorant marketing team

If this list doesn’t scare you to bits and make you want to write a new blog post right now, I don’t know what will!

If you don’t want your customers to think any of these things when they visit your website and see the blog you’ve forgotten about, there’s plenty of stuff here you can start with to give your blog the kick start it needs:



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