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How great content and social reach improves your search ranking

Backlinks from Great Content - Inlumino CommunicationsGreat content and social media reach improves your search engine ranking. How? By helping others find your content and letting them share it!

Content is the number one factor influencing search engine ranking according to Google. 

If you’ve clicked through to this blog post you’ve already got an idea that having regularly updated content on your website helps with your search engine (read Google) ranking. Blog posts, videos, infographics, you name it – if it’s content that uses keywords, answers questions, is produced frequently, and engages and/or entertains then your content will be helping you climb up and out of Google obscurity. 

Content, as revealed recently on Mumbrella by Anna Lebedeva, is what people are searching for:

Because, if you think about it, when you search for information on Google, you’re ultimately searching for content. Sure, it doesn’t always mean blog posts. You could be seeking videos to teach you how to do something, Wikipedia entries, product pages or any other content type. But ultimately, when using Google, you’re searching for content. And for that reason, Google, and other search engines seek and propagate the most relevant, quality, and in-depth information to the top of the search results.

Backlinks are the second biggest factor influencing search engine ranking according to Google. 

WTF  is a backlink?? I hear many of you ask. Let me break it down:

Backlinks are when other websites link to your content. It’s a vote of confidence in your content. So if you’re producing great content that someone else wants to link to in their content (as I have done with the Mumbrella post above) they’re showing Google and others that your content is valuable. Quality is better than quantity though! If the Sydney Morning Herald chose to link to my content, that would be worth more than 10 links from a smaller news outlet no one has heard of. Of course a link to my content from a financial services company wouldn’t be worth as much as a link from a PR or Comms agency, however I won’t say no – that’s like passing up a free drink!

The BIG Question: How do I get backlinks? 

This is where Social Media comes in – it amplifies your content. You can’t make someone backlink to you. The best you can do is create great content that gets noticed and is so irresistibly divine that people want to link to your content. This is where social media comes into play. No one will see your content if you’re not actively sharing it across various social media platforms. If you’re investing in great content, you MUST invest in social media in order to get your content out there. Once it gets eyeballs, then you are off the bench and in the game. 



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