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Got Content? The role of Repurposing

So you’ve got your content calendar set-up, you’re starting to produce content, and have built up a strong bank of commentary, insights and industry information that you’re sharing regularly through social media.

Now what? Continuing to curate and create new content that follows your strategy is the way to go, but repurposing your existing content is another tactic to consider in your strategy.

So what is “Repurposing”?

The  team over at HubSpot sum it up pretty well:

When you repurpose a piece of content, you’re doing one of two things (or both): changing the format of the content and/or changing the target audience of the content. 

Examples of changing the format include turning a series of blog posts into an ebook, or taking key content from a webinar and placing it in an easy-to-consume infographic. Examples of changing the content for the audience might include starting with an ebook originally intended for, say, SMBs, and restructuring/rewording it to apply to a new business type.

Repurposing your existing content is a great way to re-visit what you’ve previously published.

Change the format?

Repurposing Blog Post imageBlog content can easily be adapted to a new format.  If you’re blogging about a topic and have created a series, it’s easy to convert those posts into a handy e-Book to distribute to your mailing list or forward it on to a potential client. Convert the text into an easier to digest slide show that can be uploaded to SlideShare and shared on social media. If you have a data driven post worth sharing, turning it into an inforgraphic will help reach more people and make your content attractive to a different audience.

Change the content?

You’re not changing the content entirely, but instead identifying a second or third audience and, using the content you already have, are altering the wording or structure of it in order to reach that audience. For example, your organisation may offer services in the real estate industry. Your content (and primary source of clients) may be directed at the consumer, let’s say a first-home buyer. By changing the content (and perhaps the format at the same time) your content could now be directed towards independent mortgage advisors to help start a referral network or reach their clients.

Remember you have multiple audiences.

Any business knows that they have different “personas” of their ideal clients.  Repurposing content is all about acknowledging these personas. Not all of these personas will be able to access your preferred content and/or social platform, so it’s important to ensure that your content is “speaking” to them through their preferred platform. While one persona may love reading blog posts, another may prefer a eBook or a quick slide show to pick up key points.

Repurposing may sound like extra work, and it is, but the positive is that half the work is already done – the content is sitting there just waiting to be used!



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