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Google Alerts… and why I love them

Google Alerts: helping you be more meerkat.

Google Alerts: helping you be more meerkat.

Regardless of your role in your organisation, Google Alerts is a fantastic resource. From a communications perspective, they are GOLD!

Why? Well if you’re not familiar with Google Alerts I’ll let you know.

As the name suggests, Google Alerts is a Google service that allows you nominate key words which Google then uses to email you web updates of content that contain those key words.

If you’re working in the hospitality trade and want to get real-time updates from everything that is being discussed online regarding the Sydney Lockout Laws, you might use “Lockout Laws” as key words. A real estate agent might have “Sydney Auctions” listed in order to stay abreast of property clearance rates and the state of the market.

Google Alerts can be used for a multitude of purposes, by a multitude of people -everyone from C-suite to job seekers can get value from it.

How I use Google Alerts from a comms perspective:

PR: Google Alerts are fantastic for getting up to speed with new clients. Learning about their industry, competitors and related issues and trends also makes pitching stories to the media much easier.

Content Marketing: Content marketing strategies must include commentary on industry issues and trends. Google Alerts keep me up to date with what is happening and allows myself and clients to comment on issues being discussed. Whether you agree or not with something published, use that content to inspire a blog post and share your point of view. Google Alerts can also assist with identifying global trends and news from international markets.

Social Media: If you’re managing your social media, Google Alerts are fantastic for providing industry related content that’s worth sharing. Google Alerts is a great content curating process that will provide mostly relevant (depending on your target market) content to share with your community, thus demonstrating your awareness of the market.

I’ve signed up. Now what?

Signing up for, and receiving, Google Alerts is one thing. It’s another thing entirely to act on those alerts.

What are you going to use relevant Google Alerts for? Share it as curated content on your social media? Use the alert to inspire your next blog post? Gain insight into your wider industry? Target your next media pitch to a journalist who is writing extensively about your field?

If you don’t act on Google Alerts, you’ll soon find that they are clogging up your inbox. If the alerts you’re receiving aren’t relevant, log back in and change the key words.



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