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Get Found: The Power of Great Content

This recent personal case study is the perfect example of how Content Marketing complements a wider media and communications strategy.

Get FoundEarlier in the year I took a call from a producer for LindaMottram’s ABC 702 Sydney radio show asking if I’d like to be interviewed on the show later that morning.

I didn’t send a media release, I didn’t call the producer, I didn’t pitch myself to the show as a commentator. So why did the producer call me to see if I wanted to be interviewed? I have positioned myself as an expert by publishing and sharing great content on a particular subject – that subject is cigars.

I write about cigars for Cigar Journal, I tweet about cigars (among other things), I share pics of cigars on Instagram (among other things) and I ran a cigar blog for close to 7 years. All this is invaluable content that has placed me as a local authority. This content is easily found on the web, so when the producer said “I’ve done a bit of digging on the web and found your cigar-related content…” I knew she probably didn’t have to dig for long to find me.

Just days after Joe Hockey’s cigar smoking act, and with media going crazy about his enjoyment of a cigar prior to a tough budget, ABC 702 wanted to delve a bit deeper into cigars, discuss the fat cat stereotype, and learn about some of history of Cuban cigars. A quick online search led them to my content and contact details.

Content Marketing: Be the subject expert.

Being a subject expert applies to every industry. In this scenario, ask yourself: Who would the media rather talk to?
A.) The bloke who had a cigar on the weekend, or
B.) The bloke who writes about cigars, knows the local and global industry, and can answer questions easily because they know the information back to front?

The best part about Content Marketing is that anyone can employ it to share their expertise and be found by traditional and digital media, by the general public and by potential customers. If you have the content, a number of free platforms can help you share it.

Great content is a fantastic PR tool and should be a part of any communications strategy. This recent experience provides a real-life example of how great a communications tool content marketing is.

When comment is sought from an industry expert, will you be the person being called?



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