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Drying Up? Keep your blog fresh with Evergreen Content

Don’t let your content marketing wither and die!

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen ContentEvergreen Content is content that can be read and will appeal to audiences at any time. Essentially, it is content that is relevant now and in the future. Like an evergreen tree, evergreen content is always there, and more importantly, will always be of interest to an audience. Whether someone read it last year, reads it today, or reads it 3 years from now, it will always be current and applicable. Tips and “How To” posts retain their value and will drive traffic to a website over a long period of time. News-based content relies solely on timeliness and loses value over time. When compared to other types of posts where you are commenting on current issues and events, Evergreen content can be much harder as you’re creating something entirely new and not relying on already produced source content that you’re simply adding your own thoughts to. As an example, my post “What is Content Marketing” is evergreen content. It will always be appealing to an audience, however basic it may be. If I created a post about Content Marketing based on my attendance at a conference or a recently published study, that post, although very specific and appealing to an audience, won’t have the same reach in a year’s time.

Evergreen content is NOT:

  • Content that is based on current events or issues
  • Content that will lose its appeal over time
  • Commentary on current news items

Why should Evergreen Content be a part of your content marketing strategy?

Evergreen Content should be a key part of any content strategy. You can always refer to evergreen content as it is not time or issues based. You can share it immediately and also share it across social media platforms in the future. You can easily post Evergreen Content to Twitter, Facebook or other platform now and well into the future. Of course, content based on current events, news and issues should be a part of your content marketing strategy, but it can quickly appear dated, especially if you wanted to share it in the future.You won’t want to be sharing your thoughts on a recent conference in a year’s time! A balance between both types is essential to any content marketing strategy.

Evergreen Content Ideas:

So where do you start? Ask yourself – will people still read this and think it’s interesting in a year’s time?

  • Write for Beginners. Your content may seem basic to you (and as an expert in your field, it may well be) but others coming across your content for the first time will appreciate the insight you can offer.
  • Answer questions about your sector or industry
  • Be specific! Choose a topic and narrow it down. Content or blog posts like this are easier to write and will be easier for your audience to grasp.
  • Go for depth! If you have narrowed down your topic, be thorough and complete.
  • Lists, Top 10s, Industry FAQs, How To, and other similar blog types are considered Evergreen.



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