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Don’t let your business suffer from Ignored Blog Syndrome!

I’ve seen it too many times.

Not as a content marketer but as a consumer. I go to a website of a brand or product I like, seeking new information and some insight into the company. The website is blinged-out, it looks sharp, there’s stuff popping up, eNewsletters you need to sign up to, a funky “About” page.

Then I click on the “blog” tab.

The last entry was in early 2011. The previous entry was in late 2009.

This isn’t looking good. The company has a flashy website, but to me, there’s no substance to it.

You’ve probably seen it too.

Don't let your business suffer from Ignored Blog Syndrome (IBS).Does your website suffer from Ignored Blog Syndrome (IBS)?

I’m a firm believer in setting up a blog and sticking to a content calendar. I’m all for suggesting to clients that if they aren’t keen on contributing to their blog regularly, they shouldn’t get one set up at all. I even stated this in my previous blog post:

This is essential. If you’re blogging, do so regularly. Weekly, fortnightly, monthly posts – it doesn’t matter which, as long as you publish regularly. This is essential for loyal followers who are keen to receive your new insights so they aren’t left wondering what’s happened to your content. I always mention to new and potential clients that a content or social media platform that has been ignored, or shows that the most recent post was from two years ago, reflects poorly on your organisation. I often suggest that its better not to blog if you’re unsure if you will be able to contribute to it regularly.

This week, the very well-known Content Marketer Trevor Young published It’s what you don’t do with your company blog that speaks volumes about your business.

Trevor pretty much sums up what I’ve previously argued and what most of us are thinking when we come across a blog that is not updated regularly.

What are some of the things we think when we see a blog like that?

  • The company can’t follow through on a project.
  • They haven’t got anything to say – no insights, no observations, no incisive opinions on what’s happening in their profession or industry.
  • Or worse, they’ve run out of things to say! What, that’s the extent of it?

Please click through to Trevor’s blog post to read more about what this scenario also shows about your company.

Despair not! If your website suffers from Ignored Blog Syndrome there is a cure.

To rid yourself of IBS you will need:

  • paper
  • pen
  • 20 minutes

Spend 20 minutes thinking about what you can write about and, using your paper and pen, write down some of those ideas. Your IBS won’t be cured overnight, but you are well on your way to removing IBS from your website and returning it to a healthy state.

Remember, content marketing through a blog or other platform is NOT advertising!

To get started on blog ideas, think about:

  •  What value you can offer to website visitors.
  • What insights you have about the industry you’re a part of.
  • In-depth information about your product without mentioning price.
  • Answer questions you think your customers may have about you, your products, your services, your industry, your company.

IBS is a serious risk to your business. DO something about it today.



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