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Create Great Content… or don’t bother

Create great content Inlumino CommunicationsWelcome to 2017! I trust everyone had a great Christmas break.

A new year brings new business goals and objectives. The question I ask myself at this time of year is: “what will I do differently to improve?” If implementing a social media, content marketing or PR campaign is on your list, or was on your list this time last year but nothing ever happened, get in touch to make sure you walk the walk this year!

Gary Vaynerchuck is an influencer I just started following over the break and I can guarantee you will get great value from his blog. His recent post resonated with me and I’m sure the bits I share below will resonate with you too.

In Gary’s post 2017 KEY TO SMALL BUSINESS SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, he discusses the rise of paid social versus organic.

If you are unsure of the difference, please click here to read my blog post about it.  Gary makes it a point to say that putting some money behind your social media budget to boost posts it great but to remember a few things:

  • Produce great content – don’t just boost a post for the sake of boosting, as no amount of paid media is going to turn bad content into amazing content.
  • By creating great content and publishing it,  those that find it online will be be impressed, regardless of how much you have paid Facebook or any other platform to spread the word. The impression you give someone looking for you (a qualified lead) is much more important than reaching thousands of people with low engagement.
  • I’d summarise it as “Create Great Content… or don’t bother.”

Read more of Gary’s post here. Yes I’m leading you away from my content, you may be a very interested in dropping me an email, but I want my potential clients to be as savvy as can be to make an informed decision! (and you can always come back).



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