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Content Marketing: The importance of visuals

Visual media: crucial for any Content Marketing strategy.

Think before you post.Last night I saw this image on Hootsuite’s Twitter feed:

“Think before you Post” clearly (through visuals) calls on the reader to make sure a number of items are checked off before posting anything to social media.

Most content marketing strategies should be using at least one (if not more) visual-centric social media platform.  Facebook and  Instagram are the clear winners but I’ve noticed more content with visuals and videos being posted on Twitter and LinkedIn. It helps if your selling cupckaes and post nice photos of your cupcakes to Instagram, but there’s no reason why an accountant can’t share the latest financial data graph. Remember every industry has an audience to reach.

Although Hootsuite’s graphic deals with social media and the best times to post content, what caught my eye was the reference to visual assets. Essentially it’s asking if the content you are posting has an appropriate visual to accompany it. With social media, visuals are a given. For real engagement, photos, infographics, graphs or menus are required 100% of the time. Text only updates are BORING.

Blog Posts and Visuals

Blog post visuals: everyone likes to watch

This got me thinking – how much do people think about the visuals of their blog post? Yes, the focus of a blog is the written word, but an image can reach further and quicker than 200 words can. For clients, I always use an image that captures the essential message of the blog post. For some examples click here, here and here.

So what’s the quickest and easiest way to get images on to your blog? Well it’s quick and easy to take photo, upload it and include in your blog post. But what if you want to write text on your image, or find an image that you can’t quickly take a photo of?

Do yourself an enormous favor. Check out Canva. These guys and gals are an absolute blessing. You can upload your own pics, pay $1 to use their pics, choose different layouts, add images and text to other images and that’s just the start.

What? You’re still reading this post and haven’t clicked through to Canva yet? Hurry up and thank me later.

The importance of visuals

This infographic from pretty much sums it up.



Effective visuals are extremely powerful  to communicate a message, just make sure your visuals reflect your key messages.  



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