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Beware social media gurus & quick fixes!

Digital marketing guru I’ve seen them. You’ve seen them. Digital Marketing Gurus pop into  your social feeds with a slick video promising to share their social  media secrets that will TRANSFORM your business overnight. You’ll  be working 1 day week before you know it! It is SO SIMPLE!!! They are  willing to share their secrets – but of course you have to hand over your  credit card to sign up to their speaking session, or attend a training  day.

If only what these guys promise was that easy. I don’t begrudge anyone  making some quick cash this way. There’s a sucker born every minute – please don’t be that sucker.

Mikko Moisander, marketing manager specialising in SMEs, recently  contributed a post to Mumbrella about these gurus. In his post, Mikko  warns that the world is full of self-professed experts. But businesses  should be extra careful when they meet digital marketing ‘gurus’ .

Mikko’s post is an ode to trusting in a smaller provider, who rolls their  sleeves up and gets their hands dirty – one that comes up with a  strategy and implements it and one that doesn’t promise instant,  tantalising results.


I’ve pulled some of Mikko’s best points from the post, but if you’re considering hiring an agency to help with social media, content, marketing, etc, the whole article is worth your time!

“…this perfect storm has produced a crop of entrepreneurs whose existence depends on helping small business owners become entrepreneurs, and who prey on those having a go with promises of digital marketing with a short rainbow and a large pot of gold.”

“They have evolved into one stop content producers, social media strategists and marketing advisors. SMEs are their target.”

“Unless your product is digital marketing, find the smallest agency or freelancer in town. I’m talking about actual makers. You need collateral, both for yourself in the form of a marketing strategy that takes into account your unique context, and for your customers to begin to know what you do or sell. This collateral takes time. Ask them: can they make this for you, and can they tell you where to put it so your customers see it? Ask them what their education is, and start guessing with them.”

If you want to learn more about using content marketing and social media for your business, come along to my Ryde Business Forum seminar on 15 September. It won’t COST you the earth. LUNCH is included. You’ll MEET like-minded business owners and LEARN strategies you can implement.

NB: I don’t have a SECRET to share, but I do have lots of tips on how to make social media and content marketing work. There’s no get-rich-quick methodology, just strategy, time, and effort.



Inlumino Communications is a PR, content marketing, and Social Media consultancy servicing SME clients from a variety of industries.