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5 easy steps to great content creation

Inlumino Communications - 5 easy steps to great content creationDid you know?

  • Web pages that rank on page one of Google typically have 2,032 to 2,494 words.
  • Companies with blogs typically receive 97% more leads than companies without blogs.
  • Content rich sites tend to get more back links and social traffic, which helps them generate more traffic overall (via QuickSprout)

I hope these stats have given you a reason to start a content program for your business, or pick up where you left off if you have been suffering from Ignored Blog Syndrome.

To help you get cracking, I’ve outlined 5 easy steps to creating great content:

1. Title/Heading:  Make sure your content’s title is going to pique interest! People love lists, or searching for a question they want to answer. Check out Portent’s Title Maker for a fun approach to coming up with an engaging headline.

2. Information: Make sure the meat of your content is easily digestible! Make sure your content is clearly presented – so please, use sub-headings and dot points, keep your fonts, colour and heading sizes uniform across your blog and social platforms. Remember, content marketing is not advertising!

3. Images/Infographics Images and Infographics grab people’s attention more than words these days and make a great tool to use on image-centric social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If it’s easy for you to create written content, but you’re struggling to create or find images that will complement your content, you can do amazing things with Canva and Piktochart.

4. Key Words: for SEO purposes, make sure you are using relevant search and key words for your industry. Don’t stuff you content with keywords and your business name to make sure people clicking through want to stick around.

5. Sharing is caring: once you’ve created your content, make sure you share it appropriately across social media platforms. Once really is not enough. A social media campaign, should share the same post regularly, paying attention to the best times to post to target your demographic (but that’s a whole other blog post). Repurpose your content to ensure that you maximise your hard work!



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