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4 things to consider before starting a Content Marketing campaign

Considering a content marketing campaign? Read this first:

Inlumino Communications - Content Marketing 4 things to considerIf you’re considering starting a content marketing campaign, there are a range of questions you have to ask yourself. Setting up a blog is easy. Creating and curating content, sharing content across social media platforms, and boosting posts to reach a larger social audience  are the time/money aspects of a campaign.

Content marketing budgets can vary dramatically from one organisation to another depending on your objectives, internal resourcing capabilities and the nature of the audience you’re targeting.

Unless you started a blog at the dawn of the internet, forget about developing a strong organic audience within a few months. With the rise of social media newsfeed content consumption, and the continued rise of pay to play, boosting posts with ad spend to direct content to a wider audience is now an integral part of any strategy. Because of this, it’s critical to include expected paid media  spends in your budget for short and long-term returns.

Elizabeth Owens, BDM at KingContent recently shared a post about why Content Marketing campaigns often fall apart. Expectations and budget are two one of the reasons she outlined.

4 Things to consider when planning your content marketing strategy

1. How much do you need to outsource?

  • Do you have internal content producers, editors and designers?
  • Do they have time to be allocated to this program?
  • Will you have to outsource content creation? Further reading: 1001 Content Ideas

 2. How much content do you need to publish per week/month/quarter to achieve your objectives?

 3. Who will manage distribution of the content across your website, social media and email marketing channels?

 4. What’s your Social spend?

  • If you want more eyeballs, unfortunately you have to play to pay:
  • Technology platform fees eg Hootsuite
  • Resource time required eg platform management
  • Paid media fees eg Facebook advertisting spend.

Time is Money. Whether it’s yours or an external service provider’s time being used to enable a Content Marketing strategy, it is still money. Content marketing needs focus, strategy, time and a budget.



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