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4 questions to ask before starting a social media campaign

Design vs User Experience.Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. These are just some of the more widely used social media platforms available to SMEs to engage with their audience.

The picture on the right sums up what many SMEs do wrong when they begin a social media and content strategy.

One mistake many businesses make is creating profiles on each and every social media platform all at once. Inevitably, once the daily grind of creating and sharing content kicks in while a busy business owner is focusing on their core product or service, their focus on each platform wanes and they tend to focus on one or two platforms that produce the highest level of engagement.

I’d suggest  that SMEs do some research into each platform and ask the following questions:

1. Are my current customers or clients active on this platform?

2. Are my target customers or clients active on this platform?

3. Will this platform allow me to create an engaged community and also allow me to reach them most effectively?

4. Is this platform the best choice for my products and services and my industry?

It is far better, after asking these questions and doing some research, to begin a social media strategy that focuses on just one or two of these platforms. It is far more effective and efficient to engage with gusto on an appropriate platform as opposed to spreading yourself too thin across them all. As the image indicates, what you create or intend to design on your social media platforms may not meet your customers (or intended customers) requirements. It is not necessarily about what platform you enjoy using, but what your identified customer enjoys using.

Inlumino Communications - Do your researchAn architect may choose to use Instagram to share images of recently completed projects, while an accountant may feel that LinkedIn or Twitter will produce higher levels of engagement. That being said, a catering company may choose not to use Instagram to share images of their delicious food but instead increase their presence on LinkedIn if they want to go after more corporate hospitality accounts. Coming from left-field can be a good thing!

Focusing on select platforms at the start of a strategy is far better than ignoring multiple platforms after a month of a campaign. Just as an ignored blog sends messages to visitors that you don’t care about your blog and that you don’t have time to share your insight and expertise, an ignored social platform also shows that you set up an account on a whim, but don’t have time to service it.

Have you started a social media strategy on multiple platforms to soon discover only one or two have greater engagement levels than the others?



Inlumino Communications is a PR, content marketing, and Social Media consultancy servicing SME clients from a variety of industries.