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What’s your power pole? Don’t ignore traditional media outlets.

The Dorsal Fins are playing in Sydney!!

What's your power pole?I’ve never heard of this band. I probably won’t like their music. I definitely won’t be going to their concert. BUT I do know they’re playing in Sydney soon.

How do I know this? Yesterday I was driving along Concord Road in Sydney to meet a prospective client. The Dorsal Fins poster was plastered repeatedly (as they do) on plenty of power poles.

The Power of the Pole

Two things struck me:

Firstly the name: the Dorsal Fins is a pretty unusual name for a band and easily stands out. The colours on their poster were bright and eye-catching.

Secondly the communication medium: driving along, it occurred to me that despite the rise of the web 2.0, Facebook, Sound Cloud and other social and digital platforms, sticking a poster on a power pole is still considered a viable medium for advertising a band’s upcoming gigs.  The intended result, for motorists to learn that the Dorsal Fins are playing in Sydney, worked!  Fans of the Fins (as I’m guessing they’re affectionately known) or fans of their musical genre, would see the posters, have it reinforce the message seen in other media, and then book their tickets quick smart.

A PR lesson from the Fins:

If you’re going to engage, make it memorable. Bright colours, an eye-catching graphic, a fun business or product name, an announcement that is worth announcing.

More importantly, engage with audiences in traditional places as well as online and socially (the Fins have 1621 Facebook fans). Power poles along major roads are a traditional advertising location for music acts and their upcoming tours. Sure, fans are online now and have much closer engagement via social platforms and know well ahead of time when the next concert is, but printing posters and attaching them to power poles still works and may get a few more fans along to the concert.

The promoters didn’t ignore traditional outlets. You shouldn’t either!

The same applies to any organisation’s media engagement. You may know that your target customer persona is online, using one or a number of social platforms and reads certain online media. But don’t ignore traditional media (even if that traditional media for your organisation is a digital source you may not have engaged with for a while). You may not be reaching avid fans, but being seen in those locations may pique the interest of potential customers, suppliers, clients or distributors who will investigate that little bit further to learn more about you. Like the poster on the power pole, traditional media outlets still do get eyeballs.

So what’s your power pole?



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