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Sharing is Caring! Sharing a Facebook Page post when there is no Share button

In The Cove - no share

Here’s an example from a favourite Page: In The Cove. Notice there’s no ‘share’ button!!

Well it’s Monday  afternoon of the second week of January and already there’s been a issue in the Social Media world. If like me you’re logging into Facebook today as a page manager after a break away from social media over the holidays, you may have noticed that Facebook Pages aren’t currently able to share other Page’s posts.

To put it simply: The “share” option located next to “like” and “comment” on Page posts is no longer an option.

I love sharing other Pages’ posts as part of clients’ social media strategy, so this change was perplexing and seems to be upsetting a lot of people so I’m sure Facebook will revert it very soon.

Until then, I thought I’d share Spaghetti Agency’s workaround. It is pretty simple and most page managers will of course have an “A ha!” moment when they realise how simple it is, (as I did) but it is well worth sharing. Welcome to 2016!

Sharing a Facebook Page post when there is no ‘share” button:

1. To share the post of the Page go to the actual post by clicking on the date or time that it was posted (this ensures that you have the exact URL of the post).

2. Then copy the URL from your browser

3. Then click on your home or logo from the top bar and start a new status update.

4. Paste your URL into the new status. Wait for the image of the post to upload and then delete the messy URL (the post will still link).

5. Now write a short intro or whatever you were going to post in front of it so that your audience understands the share. Make sure you also tag the Page by typing @ and then the page name, so that they know you shared it.

Big ups to Spaghetti Agency for the workaround!



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