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Content Marketing Plan Template

Inlumino Communications’ One Page Content Marketing Plan


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Download a pdf version of the template:

 Inlumino Communications – OnePageContentMarketingPlan

Who are your people?
  • Who are you trying to reach with your content? Where do they hang out online? Be as specific as possible.

What are your objectives?

  • Choose two. (Remember: this is a simple plan to propel you toward action.)

What are your goals?

  • What does success look like 6-12 months from now? Choose two goals.

What types of content will you produce?

  • Blogs, podcasts, or videos? Tutorials, guides, interviews, infographics, or curated content?

How often will you publish your content?

  • Remember: Be consistent.

How will you promote your content?

  • Where will you be active on social media (hint: where are your people?)
  • How will you capture email addresses?
  • What groups will you target to share your content?