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Plan your 2016 Content Marketing and Social Media NOW

Inlumino Communications - Planning Content Marketing and Social Media for 2016Energy levels are low, excitement for the summer break is high. I know the feeling, however these last weeks of December are crucial in order to start 2016 with a bang.

Now is the time to review your content and social campaign from 2015 and plan for next year. Trust me, there’s no better feeling than coming back from a break and knowing exactly what direction you’re heading in instead of twiddling your thumbs thinking about a blog post subject.

To review your 2015 content marketing and social media efforts:

□ Identify what content was popular and why. What got shared? What was ignored?

□ Identify what wasn’t popular – can you tweak the heading, or repurpose it so that it resonates better in 2016?

□ Who were your main influencers this year? Do you need to look further afield.

□ What platforms generated the most ROI? Identify where you should be putting most of your energy.

□ Does your auto-scheduling need to be updated? Are you just setting and forgetting?

□ Identify a budget for your social media spend and get those popular posts in front of even more eye balls.

As Terry Williamson notes in Boom Social, Facebook has systematically reduced the amount of posts it shows your fans for free. By one report organic, or free, reach rates now hover around 2% – 3% and most experts think that number will continue to decline towards 0% over the next couple of years, making Facebook a true “pay to play” social media site.

2016 Content Marketing and Social Media Planning check list:

□ Have you planned your content for January, February, March? If not, start brainstorming some ideas. Get your Content Calendar sorted now and your content production in January will be a breeze.

□ Can you repurpose something you have already published for use early next year? Change the format, the angle or the intended recipient to make your content work harder for you in the New Year.

□ What content can you curate now for use in 2016?

□ What trends will be emerging next year that you can comment on? A “crystal ball” post about your industry is always a good way to kick off a year – and you can come back to it later in the year and see whether your predictions panned out.

□ Social Media : If you’ll be out of the office for an extended time, now is the time to schedule posts for over the holidays!

□ Explore the possibility of being more active on a particular social media platform. Perhaps now is the time to jump onto Facebook if you’ve primarily been sharing content on LinkedIn? There’s nothing wrong with asking the question

Just embarking on a Content Marketing Campaign?Inlumino Communications - Happy New Year

Do you want to start a content marketing campaign in the new year. Don’t wait until then. Use the lists I’ve shared above to start planning now.

These to-do lists are by no means exhaustive, but by getting started now, January 1st will indeed mark a happy New Year.

  • What other tasks would you add to an end of year review of content marketing and social media?
  • What is on your checklist of things to do before the summer/Christmas/New Year break?



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