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Maximising LinkedIn

In early March I conducted a quick LinkedIn traning session for one of my clients S.E. Rentals. Although specific to the managed services finance industry in which they operate, the information is relevant to anyone looking to improve their LinkedIn presence. Watch the video and accompanying slideshow below!   Maximising LinkedIn from Samuel Spurr

Brighten Your Prospects in 2018

Welcome to 2018! The kids are finally back at school which makes the daily routine a much easier road to navigate! Video is now an expectation My thoughts on the direction of Content Marketing in 2018: I think a greater move to video is unquestionable. With my focus on copywriting and social media, you many… View Article

How does the PAS Copywriting formula work?

The PAS copywriting formula is nothing new, but is often forgotten when business owners update their web copy, write a blog, or send out a newsletter. It’s a straight forward formula, that like any good salesperson, engages with potential customers and their fears and frustrations, and then offers a benefit and a solution to the… View Article

Would You Like and Share Your Own Content?

Would you read or watch your own content? Would you share it? This is a question you must ask yourself (amongst others) before embarking on a content marketing campaign.   I’ve shared 7 of the big questions that you must ask before creating content below. Cheers, Sam Inlumino Communications is a PR, content marketing, and… View Article

Content Marketing: Location Location Location!

Location, location, location! Content is only great if the right people see it. That’s why “location” is just as important in content marketing as it is in real estate. Ask yourself: Where is my audience? Answering this will help you create relevant content and identify WHERE you will share it.   Cheers, Sam Inlumino Communications… View Article

The POWER of Video Content: Case Study

Video content is increasingly becoming the content type of choice! Does this worry me as a copywriter? No! Why? Well even if clients turn more towards video content they will still need written content! Thank of a video script, subtitles, blog posts that explain the video in greater detail, web copy to grab visitor’s attention… View Article

Social Media: The truth about your audience

For a long time I’ve told clients that I’d prefer 100 engaged social media followers instead of 100,000 followers who aren’t paying attention. With Facebook’s increasing move towards paid boosting to spread your content, having an engaged audience is even more important. However, if you don’t have a large amount of engaged followers, the increase… View Article

Why your content must answer WHY.

Anyone familiar with Simon Sinek would be well aware his best-selling business book and training programme “Start with WHY” that asks individuals and businesses to get to the core of their purpose in order to build and grow. Content Marketing can take a leaf out of Sinek’s book. Your content can talk about WHAT you… View Article

5 Tips for Creating Engaging Video Content

Creating engaging video content as part of your content marketing strategy isn’t optional, it’s a must! I first met Geoff Anderson of Sonic Sight at a networking event last year and there was a crossover between our businesses for obvious reasons – we’re both acutely aware of the rising importance of having video as part… View Article

Create Great Content… or don’t bother

Welcome to 2017! I trust everyone had a great Christmas break. A new year brings new business goals and objectives. The question I ask myself at this time of year is: “what will I do differently to improve?” If implementing a social media, content marketing or PR campaign is on your list, or was on your… View Article

Out of the Office? Don’t ignore your content this Summer

A Summer of Content! Over the summer period, it can be easy to forget about your content marketing and social media. Although you may be out of the office over the Christmas and New Year period enjoying a well-deserved break, your customers and clients might not be, and expect to stay up to date. January… View Article

How great content and social reach improves your search ranking

Great content and social media reach improves your search engine ranking. How? By helping others find your content and letting them share it! Content is the number one factor influencing search engine ranking according to Google.  If you’ve clicked through to this blog post you’ve already got an idea that having regularly updated content on your website… View Article

Copywriting Tips: Getting Started

I’ve shared a quick copywriting tip on my YouTube Channel. Many people struggle with getting their head around a final article, but you have to bring it back to focusing on simply getting the main ideas down on paper first, then editing, eidting, editing!   Cheers, Sam Inlumino Communications is a PR, content marketing, and… View Article

Why a great business card is great PR

I was recently interviewed by Executive Style about business cards. You may ask yourself what link there is between business cards and someone concerned with PR, Content Marketing and Social Media! A great business card is a reflection of your business and, besides saying hello briefly at a networking event, your card is the first… View Article

Beware social media gurus & quick fixes!

 I’ve seen them. You’ve seen them. Digital Marketing Gurus pop into  your social feeds with a slick video promising to share their social  media secrets that will TRANSFORM your business overnight. You’ll  be working 1 day week before you know it! It is SO SIMPLE!!! They are  willing to share their secrets – but of… View Article

Learn @ Lunch Content Marketing and Social Media Seminar

On Thursday 15 September, I’m presenting another Learn at Lunch Social Media and Content Marketing Seminar in conjunction with Ryde Business Forum. My previous seminar sold out quickly, hence there’s another opportunity for local businesses to learn how to make Social Media and Content Marketing work for the. Tickets can be booked through Ryde Business… View Article

Back to Uni!

4 years after completing my Masters at UTS, I am back! Not as a student though – on  Thursday I’ll be leading my first Tutorial in the School of Communication’s  Undergrad program. Two tutorial groups in Principles of Public Relations will have the pleasure of my company! I look forward to this great opportunity not… View Article

Content Marketing & Social Media: More than just likes!

Last week I presented a Ryde Business Forum seminar, discussing the merits of Content Marketing and Social Media for business development and customer service. More than just likes! from Samuel Spurr If your organisation would benefit from a similar presentation that can be tailored to your industry, please get in touch. Cheers, Sam Inlumino Communications… View Article

4 things to consider BEFORE starting content marketing

If you’re considering starting content marketing, please consider these 4 things BEFORE you embark on a campaign. By identifying responses to these 4 items, you’ll be better prepared to maximise your efforts. Cheers, Sam Inlumino Communications is a PR, content marketing, and Social Media consultancy servicing SME clients from a variety of industries.