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If you don’t publish it, Google cannot find it.

Inlumino Communications - Publish to get found by Google“If you don’t publish it, Google can’t find it.”

I recently came across this quote and it instantly struck me as it pretty much sums up one key aspect of Content Marketing: Getting FOUND.  There are a number of reasons why content marketing is increasingly a sound marketing activity: It’s great for sharing content, demonstrates your enthusiasm for, and expertise of, your industry, and shows that your business is engaging with the market. But above all, publishing new and regular content is all about getting found by Google to ensure that the people you want to find you, can.  

Build it and they will come?

Field of Dreams is a well-known baseball themed movie and this famous quote “Build it and they will come” resonates with the initial quote. From a Content Marketing perspective, they big question this quote forces you to ask is: who are “they”? Google? Clients?  Customers? The media?

Will your website’s traffic go through the roof the instant you hit publish? Of course not, but if you don’t build it, they definitely won’t come. Of course there is more to content marketing than just publishing a few blog posts each month. As the name suggests, it is all about Content Marketing. Not just Content. If you don’t publish it, Google can’t find it – that is true. But there are a number of other aspects to content marketing you have to think about:

Social Media: This one’s a biggie. If you’re not maximising your content through social media channels, then you need to jump on this. And I don’t man publishing a blog post and sharing it that afternoon on Facebook and twitter accounts and then forgetting about it. With automation and scheduling tools, you should be sharing blog posts as much as possible. More importantly, you should be engaging with people who share your content. Remember it is called Social Media

Easy Share Buttons: Make it easy for other to share your content. If someone has found your content that’s great, but if they enjoy it, they would probably like to share it as well. Make this easy!

Email database: Feed out recent content in a regular newsletter. Services like MailChimp make setting this up very easy and if you have already produced content for your blog, it’s important to share it with your database. No one is on social media 24/7 or hanging around your website just waiting to see your latest blog post! Sending through intro text and a link to the full article as part of your regular newsletter makes sure they are getting your content delivered to them.



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