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Content Marketing: The benefits of Content Creation and Curation

If you’ve ever discussed content, the whole “Content Creation /Inlumino Communications - Content Creation vs Curation Content Curation” topic has probably have come up in conversation. So what does content creation and curation mean?

Content Creation

Content creation is, as the name suggests, content created from scratch. It’s your content, it’s new, it’s fresh and it’s tailored exactly how you want it. It should form a strong part of any content marketing strategy as it demonstrates an organisation’s investment in content and shows that you’re happy to share your own perspectives on identified topics.

Content creation puts an organisation “on the map”. Be creating new content, sharing new ideas and new insights, organisations can become the “leaders” in that niche. Essentially, If you publish new and meaningful content, others will more than likely find it and it share it.

Content creation also shows that you’re not going to just set up and content and social campaign then proceed to share everyone else’s content.

Content Curation

Content curation works in much the same way as a museum curator, who researches, acquires, develops and collects pieces for exhibition.

Content creation is the process of locating existing, credible, meaningful content that your audience would find useful and informative. -  content that relates directly to the markets or industries you operate in. By curating content, you’re also very publicly acknowledging your sources, which will demonstrate who you’re listening to.

“By sharing and curating content written by the subject matter experts you wish to align with, you not only show you’re willing to promote their personal brands, but you also learn about their angles, opinions, and business objectives. This allows you to develop projects that benefit both you and your influencers with more accuracy.” - Ted Karczewski, Content Standard by SkyWard

Content curation might sound like it’s only a Google search away, however good content curation delivers credible, timely content that adds value.

So what do I do with curated content?

  1. Organisations can share it as it appears on their social media feeds. This demonstrates that they are sharing current, meaningful content with their audience. It shows they have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in their market and are more than happy to share others’ content (which is what social media is all about)
  2. This content can be used as the basis for new content. By adding to the topic with the organisations thoughts on the topic, they are completing the objectives outlined in point 1 above, and sharing their own point of view on a topic. Think of it as adding to the conversation. Of course, including a back link to the original source you are referencing is both polite, and informs your readers where to go for more background information – there are plenty of examples in this very blog, as I have curated Content Marketing content and added my own point of view to the conversation. A good example would be using  a recent news or journal article that discusses an issue in your market that you would like to share and comment on further, thus giving value to readers.

 So what’s best?  Content creation or content curation?

A mix of both is required in any content strategy. It is very important to create new, fresh content that shares ideas and insights. It’s also important to stay abreast of trends, and comment and share them where appropriate. By creating content, you’re showing that you embrace content marketing with your audience and create strong engagement. By curating content, the audience will come to rely on you to aggregate key trends and issues.



Inlumino Communications is a PR, content marketing, and Social Media consultancy servicing SME clients from a variety of industries.