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9 Twitter tips for business beginners

Inlumino Communications - 9 twitter tips for business beginnersFrom all of the feedback I receive, Twitter is often the most misunderstood of all social media platforms. I find either people LOVE Twitter and are addicted to it, or hate it with a passion and would prefer to spend their time on Facebook.

I am a fan of Twitter for personal use and business use as I allows for real-time conversations to take place and for direct relationships to form quickly with people who may be completely outside your sphere. From a PR perspective I also love it because plenty of media outlets, journalists and writers have Twitter handles who you can respond to.

If you’re completely new to Twitter here are some basics to get you started:

  1. Keep your name short – I use @inlumino. The longer your handle, the less characters people will be able to use to reply to you.
  2. Use a good picture of your company logo as your profile picture. If you’re a sole trader or the face of the company, providing a head shot will give your profile more personality.
  3. Make sure your bio is catchy and lets people know what you and your business are all about.
  4. Less is more. You’ve really only got 120 characters, so make sure your tweets are relevant and sum up what you’re trying to say as efficiently as possible. Using Twitter is a great way of working on writing efficient attention grabbing headlines.
  5. Use a URL shortener like Bitly! You don’t want to waste valuable characters on a URL.
  6. Jump on Hootsuite or Buffer to manage your account. These programs have an URL shortener included and allow you to manage responses, searches and lists.
  7. Use industry relevant hashtags. Hashtags appear in the form of the “#” symbol, and the word is usually about a popular discussion on Twitter. Your industry’s keywords often become hashtags, but by listening to conversations, you will easily pick up appropriate hashtags. As an example, #SydRE is a popular hashtag for Sydney’s Real Estate industry.
  8. It’s SOCIAL Media. Don’t simply broadcast your latest blog posts. You must follow relevant people/businesses back, retweet their tweets, respond and add to the conversation. Be Social. Doing so demonstrates that you want to be part of the conversation and this will attract more followers too.
  9. If you’re part of a larger company and there’s more than one person managing your account, it’s a good idea to add each person’s initials to the end of their tweet, that way, responses can be followed up directly.



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