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5 reasons why you SHOULD CoSource your social media marketing

Ok, so “CoSource” is a word I’ve made up identify businesses who want to engage on social media, but know they can’t do it alone and want someone to co-manage their social media accounts. As opposed to outsourcing, CoSourcing is all about bringing in a professional for assistance AND taking an active role in learning and understanding social media.

I recently came across 5 Reasons You Should Never Outsource Your Social Media Marketing on Marketing Strategy HQ. Garin raises some very valid points, but I don’t totally agree that you should never outsource your social media. Yes, I manage social media for some clients, so I have a vested interest in proposing why outsourcing (or cosourcing) is often a good idea, but here’s why in a response style post to the original five points.

1. No one knows your brand better than you.

I completely agree with this point, however (and I don’t speak for all social media managers, many of whom could identify themselves as a social media manager because they are like, on Facebook like, all the time) when working very closely with a client across all their communications endeavours, a good social media manager will get to know your brand very quickly. I also completely agree with this point and this is why I invented “CoSource” terminology – clients I work with are heavily involved, meet with me face to face, are encouraged to discuss content, and engage when they have the time.

2. If you don’t make time for Social Media people on social media won’t make time for you.

Exactly! Although Garin makes this statement for different reasons, most businesses outsourcing their social media do so because they don’t have the time. They want to engage but are too focused (and rightly so) on their day to day business. Social media managers can prepare and schedule content well-ahead of time, allowing day to day interaction to occur with off-the-cuff engagement. A business usually outsources their tax or legal work to experts, so why not another service provider?

3. Being genuine gives you a competitive advantage.

It sure does, that’s why a professional social media manager, especially one with a background in communications will ensure your social media identity is genuine. Being genuine also helps a social media manager reach those who you want to reach – Read more about social media “Personas” here.

4. You can’t outsource passion.

No, you can’t outsource the passion you have for your business. However, a great social media manager will be passionate about social media and the endless possibilities each platform can bring to the client. Although managing multiple accounts, a great social media manager should be passionate about your brand, your business and the content you’re sharing on social media.

5. Avoid social media disasters.

Yes, a business owner running their own social media platform can avoid social media disasters because they know their business inside out. However, out-sourcing or “Co-Sourcing” to a social media manager with a strong communications, PR our Journalism background will always be working to ensure that social media disasters don’t occur in the first place. In the mind of a great social media manager, every post, every response, every RT, every like is done with the client’s business in mind and with a strategic understanding of the big issues in the client’s industry.

Imagine this scenario: A business is managing their own social media platforms and all staff are distracted by a big project. They don’t check in every day to see engagement. Because of this project the business doesn’t respond for a week to a negative tweet or Facebook comment. Over the course of the week, how many people have seen this negative comment? How many have not proceeded with an enquiry because of it? This is a potential disaster most would like to avoid. Responding appropriately to negative comments as soon as possible is much better than being seen as ignoring it.

A professional social media manager would be checking their client’s platforms at least twice a day to engage with positive interaction and respond appropriately to negative interaction.

So yes, I’m all for CoSourcing where clients are actively engaged themselves on the platform, or, at the very least actively engaged in helping create great content and understanding the reasons for being active on social media platforms.



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